Mini Storage Ordering Process

Pre-Engineered RV & Boat MINI STORAGE ORDERING Process


We supply mini storage systems from standard eave heights 8’6” tall to 16’ tall for boat and RV storage. All mini storage packages come with standard wedge anchors 16 gauge red iron framing members, engineer stamped permit drawings and detailed erecting drawings.

For low freight costs and convenient custom pick up, we have many shipping plants:

  • Lowell, ARKANSAS
  • Jasper, ALABAMA
  • Tolleson, ARIZONA
  • Michigan City, INDIANA
  • Scottsville, KENTUCKY
  • St. Peters, MISSOURI
  • Mount Airy, NORTH CAROLINA
  • Claysburg, PENNSYLVANIA
  • Hartford, SOUTH DAKOTA
  • Memphis, TENNESSEE (Commercial Buildings)
  • Cedar Hill, TEXAS
  • Seguin, TEXAS

Our metal buildings are manufactured by members of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (“MBMA”) and their facilities are accredited under IAS AC 472.

Standard Features Include:

  • Framing is 16 gauge red iron with easy erecting plans
  • 26 gauge PBR wall panels on roof and walls 20 year finish mullion panels between doors for ease of covering doors jambs for 1 to 2’ apart.
  • All roof fasteners are ZAC life time fasteners with PBR roof panels minimum 20 year paint finishes.
  • We also offer at additional cost ultra deck snap lock standing seam ( no roof fasteners) in color and galvalume finishes.

We will review any quotes from other manufacturers at no charge to make sure you are getting an “apples to apples” analysis on your purchase from other companies. Along with that free steel building quote analysis, we ask that we quote the same building for you. In most cases, we beat or meet their comparable pricing and explain to you any inconsistencies in pricing details. For free quote reviews, white out pricing, and fax to (540) 297-1177 with a return name and phone number on the quote.

Mini storage ordering process:

  • need physical address for FED-X drawings
  • physical address of building
  • color guide filled out
  • signed back of terms and conditions
  • initialed ok on layout page
  • fax copy of all along with deposit check to 540 297 1177
  • mail all copies to POB 260 Huddleston VA 24104 overnight USPS or overnight to 402 Hilltop Drive Huddleston VA 24104
  • From date order is place, within 15 days ( depending on complexity)

Once the initial ordering process has been complete, the following steps are completed;

  1. engineer stamped drawings are FED-X’d

  2. job numbers are assigned

  3. Exact delivery date is established 2 weeks before shipping.

  4. Deliveries can vary from 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on seasonal demand. Unloading by customer is required for all orders by fork lift with 3500 minimum lift.

While our main objective is to supply materials for your buildings, we do have some experienced mini storage erecting teams we have used in the past satisfactorily. You may choose to directly interview and hire. However, we are not responsible for any labor crews, contracts, or work.

We have many repeat customers that we take from first phase to last phase of mini storage projects. We offer multiple building discounts for dealers and repeat customers.

Mini Storage Buildings

Austin Building Systems has been a leader in providing mini storage buildings for the auto, boat, RV and mini-storage industry for over 35 years. Available in a variety of designs, colors, materials and weather ratings to suit your particular needs.