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Get the right roof pitch

Typical  or  standard roof pitch on a  mini storage building  is ½:12  or a rise of ½” per foot from the eve ( gutter) to the center of the building.   ½:12 pitch is most cost effective and the mini storage building supplier will engineer the building to handle heavy snow loads even with the slight pitch.   The engineer will compensate for heavy snow loads by either making 6” purlins instead of 4” roof purlins or make the purlins closer on center than standard  5’   The mini storage building supplier should also include ZAC lifetime fasteners and wide 1” seal tape between the panels for ½:12 roof pitch.

The need for higher pitches 1:12 to 2:12 is generally for aesthetics  or to match existing mini storage buildings at the site and raises the cost of the  building per square foot.

Either way the mini storage building should be ordered to the customer’s request and engineered properly for each site.

Choosing a roof system for your metal building

There are 3 different type of roof systems

1)      Screw down roof with ZAC lifetime fasteners



Screw down  26 gauge PBR  panel  roof , installed correctly, is least expensive.   Screw down roof systems come in either bare galvalume or a variety of colors and last for years if properly taken care of.   Most mini storage buildings with screw down roof system come with a ZAC lifetime fastener that penetrate thru the roofing panel and fasten into the purlins  and are sealed with mastic tape between the panels and at the eves.

Ultra deck  snap lock standing is a type roof systems with no fasteners and is usually as 24 gauge color or galvalume . There is no penetration of fasteners in the system as it is usually snap locked onto the purlins and if cared for properly will last the lift time of the building, is less likely to ever leak but cost is generally double that of screw down system.

Standing seam done with Seamer is the most expensive because of labor to install and rental of seamer generally provided by the   metal building   supplier.

In summary, all roof systems, for a   metal  buildings ,  installed correctly will last the lifetime of the building and have no leaks provided the roof is maintained properly.

Commercial Roll Up Doors

Quality Metal Structures


Sturdy metal building packages are an inexpensive way to have storage for products or equipment on residential or commercial property. At Austin Building Systems Inc. in Huddleston, Va., we specialize in designing and building top quality metal structures for businesses and private individuals. Our specialty company chooses to use durable steel because of its rust resistant qualities, easy availability, and low-cost to consumers. We have a professional team with over 40 years of experience in building structures that can withstand rough weather conditions such as windstorms. Well made commercial roll up doors are an important feature on every structure we Commercial Roll Up Doorsprovide to customers. Having a sturdy door makes it easier for you to access items located inside a metal building any day or night.

Roll Up Doors make it easy to get in and out of one of our high quality metal buildings. These doors allow you to store items all the way to the edge of every wall of the building because you don’t have to worry about being able to open or close a door around your belongings. This makes it more convenient for you when storing your possessions.

You can get roll up doors for your building in a wide variety of colors. These colors can help you to identify your building or help when trying to brand a large quantity of buildings for a storage business. These doors and colors are from the distributors of DBCI roll up doors and Janus roll up doors.

Our business’s goal is sourcing the parts necessary for customers to order a complete metal building package. This makes it easier for you to design and build a metal structure while saving money. We know the best manufacturers of commercial roll up doors are companies such as DBCI or Janus. If you are confused about how to measure properly to order a door from us, then our website has information to explain the process.

Price of Steel Buildings

When researching the best prices of steel buildings and other related structures, look no further than Austin Building Systems, Inc. At Austin Building Systems, Inc., we strive to provide our valued clients with high-quality structures at great prices. Our goal is to give our clients with a highly cost-effective solution for their renovation or new construction needs. We aim to provide you with the best steel building price available without sacrificing on quality.

Our steel buildings are ideally used for mini storage and mini warehouse buildings, but they can also be used for commercial shell steel buildings for a variety of purposes. We offer steel building doors that roll up as a convenience to you and your workers. With our affordable steel building price, you will receive an erector-friendly structure that is state engineer stamped for quality and durability. The structures are designed to withstand the elements. You can trust that they are suitable for use in a wide range of climates with various weather conditions. Even if they will be placed in the harshest weather conditions, they will continue to provide you with a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing option that will enhance your property in many ways.

One of the best steps you can take if you are researching the price of high-quality steel buildings for your property is to reach out to Austin Building Systems, Inc. Our friendly and knowledgeable specialists will help you to learn more about the different options available and will provide you with a competitive estimate for our services. We will take the time to learn more about your needs before recommending a solution to you. You can rest assured that you will be satisfied with your new steel buildings once they are placed on your property. Contact our office today to speak with a representative and to obtain a quote for the building you need.

Metal Buildings in Texas

Durable Structures

Many Texas homeowners require a metal building to hold livestock, such as pigs or cattle, on their ranch or farm. This type of durable structure is available from Austin Building Systems Inc., a business with a helpful team of employees that has been in business since 1991. We source a large quantity of materials from various manufacturers to design prefabricated steel structures in different sizes for our customer’s needs. Because we buy large amounts of material, we pay less for roll up doors, walls, and attachments. We pass on the savings to our customers to help them get the best deal on a steel structure required for storage at a private residence or commercial property.

Low PricesMetal Buildings in Texas

Volume pricing is what makes Austin Building Systems an exceptional company that frequently gets repeat customers and referrals. Anyone needing a quality metal building in Texas quickly can call us because we keep our warehouse filled with the necessary materials. Our team has more than 40 years of combined experience engineering and designing structures to hold recreational vehicles, such as boats, at private residences or lawn care equipment at commercial properties. Many individuals contacting us have never ordered a prefabricated steel structure before and do not understand the process. We make it easy to communicate by having a website and toll-free telephone number to ask questions and receive price quotes.

Storage Unit

A metal building in Texas is a perfect place for storage of excess household goods belonging to individuals with small homes. We are experts at creating mini storage structures with unique features such as gorgeous colors, easy roll up doors, and climate control. Before designing a structure for a customer, we discuss their needs to determine if it needs insulation and electrical wiring. We determine the type of door required to make it easier for people to enter and exit the structure. To make a structure secure, we help customers select security devices including bolts and latches. We welcome questions from potential customers seeking economical ways to have a mini steel structure to hold furniture and appliances.

Mini Storage Buildings

Mini storage units are in high demand across the country. Your business may be capitalizing on the incredible demand for these units through the letting of storage units. In order to take advantage of this demand, however, it is imperative that you provide your customers with a high-quality storage experience that includes providing superior units that have an aesthetically pleasing look. You may be interested in renovating your existing structure to make it more aesthetically pleasing and to provide a higher quality of service to your clients. Perhaps you are constructing new mini storage buildings from the ground up and are looking for cost-effective solutions to use for your building purposes.

Through Austin Building Systems, Inc., you will Mini Storage Buildingshave access to high-quality products that are suitable for smaller and larger mini storage and mini warehouse facilities alike. These can be used for renovations and new construction projects. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to learn more about your unique needs for mini storage buildings. We will take the time to help you learn more about the different products available to you through our company. All of our products are both high in quality and priced at an affordable level, making them a cost-effective solution for you to consider. In addition, they are state engineer stamped and erector friendly. You can rest assured that you are investing in a durable product. In fact, all of our products are designed to be easy to use and hold up well in a wide range of climates.

When you are interested in investing in mini storage buildings with functional features like roll-up doors or other components, you can easily find the right products for your needs through Austin Building Systems, Inc. Our friendly team will take the time to help you select the right products for use with your building. We will also provide you with a free estimate for our products and services when you reach out to our team for assistance today.

Types of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings fall into three categories with their own advantages, disadvantages, and pricing. Understanding the different types of buildings is the best way to be sure the right type is purchased for the building’s use.

Quonset Hut Style

Introduced in Rhode Island at the Quonset Military Base, this arch-shaped hut style metal building gets its name from the base where they were first used. They have no trusses, support beams or interior posts, and resemble an aluminum can that has been cut in half lengthwise, although newer styles more resemble a loaf of bread as they have flat walls and an arched roof. Older styles have rounded walls as well as a rounded roof. When it comes to metal building pricing, Quonset huts are often the least expensive. They are very durable and are often used to store crops.

Steel I-Beam Construction

Steel I-beam construction is a common type of steel building, and the name derives from the I-beam construction, which looks like a capital letter “I.” Because most construction companies are familiar with this type of steel building, the metal building pricing for these is only slightly more than Quonset hut types, but they provide more advantages. They offer the ability to create buildings of a larger scale, such as for airplane hangars. Because of the type of construction, heavier snow and ice loads can be handled by the structure and they are more attractive than Quonset huts.

Hybrid Steel/Wood Combinations

Often, this type of building uses metal trusses similar to the I-beam version, but with wood sections attached by screws. Many people know this type of metal building as a pole barn, a misnomer because pole barns are not really metal buildings, but post and beam structures. Hybrid steel/wood combinations offer more options for interior finishing and have a wider variety of exterior finishes than other types of metal buildings. The biggest disadvantage in this type of construction is cost, as they are much more expensive than the other versions. In addition, some models do not come with end walls.

Understanding the different types of metal buildings can help decide which type is the right one to choose. It is also important to understand area zoning laws as well to be sure the type chosen is permitted. Austin Building Systems offer steel buildings, mini storage buildings, roll up doors and other materials that can help your outdoor building serve your needs. For more information regarding metal buildings and metal building prices, visit Austin Building Systems online or call them today.

Commercial Roll Up Doors

Quality Metal Structures

Sturdy metal building packages are a cost-effective way to have storage for products or equipment on residential or commercial property. At Austin Building Systems Inc. in Huddleston, Va., we specialize in designing and building top quality metal structures for businesses and private individuals. Our specialty company chooses to use durable steel because of its rust resistant qualities, easy availability and low-cost to consumers. We have a professional team with over 40 years of experience in building structures that can withstand rough weather conditions. Well-made commercial roll up doors are an important feature on every structure we provide to customers. Having a sturdy door makes it easier for you to access items located inside a metal building any day or night.

Offering Lower Prices

Our company can build metal structures in a variety of sizes, colors or styles to suit your personal or business needs. We are prepared to build large structures for retail establishments to use as warehouses for goods. In addition, our company provides small buildings for private property to hold lawn care equipment. We also help to design and build structures meant for public use such as gymnasiums for schools. The best thing about Austin Building Systems Inc. is that we offer lower prices to our customers because we keep supplies ready for when they are needed. We are able to have reduced prices because we buy materials from manufacturers in large quantities at discount prices. Our buyers do this to save customers money on miniature storage units and commercial steel buildings.

We Answer Questions

Many of our customers have never built a metal building before and have no understanding of the process. By contacting our representatives, you can learn about various options such as particular brands, insulation and commercial roll up doors. Our goal is to help customers design a building that works for their unique purposes such as holding livestock, aircraft or machinery. Building a steel structure is a time-consuming process that requires pre-planning to ensure it meets local safety codes while being appropriate for a customer’s needs.

Branding Your Business

Our number one goal is to provide quality parts necessary for customers to order a complete metal building package. This makes it easier for you to design and build a metal structure while saving money. Our website provides instructions to navigate through the ordering process. Having brightly colored metal structures can help your brand stand amongst the crowd. Instead of having boring gray metal openings for a building, you can order gorgeous colors such as fern green, rustic red or saddle tan.

Steel Buildings and Winter Construction

Common Construction Practice Likely to Cause Condensation Problems

GBP Silvercote receives numerous calls every winter relating to condensation problems. Many of our customers do not realize that most of these are generated during the construction process. Customers often describe how they poured the concrete in an enclosed structure and used propane fueled heaters to warm the building. Many feel that they are providing the ideal environment for the concrete to cure. Unfortunately, this procedure can trap an enormous amount of water vapor within the building interior. 24 gallons of water evaporate from every 100 square feet of 4? thick curing concrete. The heaters compound the problem, as water vapor is a byproduct of the combustion of any carbon based fuel (30 gallons of water evaporate from every 200 pounds of propane. In addition, facing materials are vapor retarders, not vapor barriers. Simply stated, high relative humidity air is a gas. That gas is under pressure and will try to migrate to a location where the pressure is lower (called equilibrium). This gas (interior air) presses itself against the facing materials trying to escape the building in order to reach equilibrium. No matter how well the facing tabs are sealed, when building interior humidity exceeds 35% for more than a very short period of time, the air will carry water vapor straight through the facing where it is likely to condense on the roof and wall panels and drip back into the insulation. This process will pump many gallons of water into the fiberglass and will continue as long as the humidity stays high. Anyone who has seen this happen knows that it can take many months for this water to evaporate out; a process which cannot begin in earnest until warm weather returns.

It is of the utmost importance during winter construction to give this water a path out of the building (other than through the facing!). Ideally the concrete should be poured before the building is sheeted. Many customers say that it is not practical to do this. If this is true then at the very least they must leave overhead doors open to allow the water vapor that leaves the curing concrete to escape the building. Many erectors will leave portions of wall areas un-sheeted until the concrete has cured.

To help us identify the conditions that cause condensation problems GBP Silvercote utilizes temperature/humidity data recorders called data loggers which work in conjunction with computer software. The recorders are placed in a problem environment and gather data every hour for any given period of time. Once the device is returned, the data is downloaded and the software creates a graph of the temperature and humidity readings. Most condensation problems are the result of the environment described above, or of abnormally-high interior humidity occurring once the building is in use. This can result if there is a source of significant moisture in the building such as processes that utilize water (parts washers, equipment wash bays, etc.) These data loggers are used to evaluate the conditions present in the building and to recommend corrective actions (most likely starting with a discussion with a mechanical engineer). Remember, during or after construction, the most effective way to control condensation is through adequate ventilation.

We would be glad to price your steel building project, whether you are a one time buyer or contractor. We have the best pricing on the internet, comparing apples to apples. Our steel buildings are great and repeat customers say it all. Pricing, quality and customer assistance throughout the entire steel building project and help on aftermarket issues, if needed. We give multiple building discounts for turnkey contractors needing quality steel buildings. We will refer you as a turnkey job company for sites in the area you want protected, when customers call us and want turnkey work. Turnkey, meaning you can do site work slabs and erect the buildings for the prospective customer and use our steel building systems.

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