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Types of Metal Buildings

Types of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings fall into several categories with their own advantages, options, and pricing. Using metal buildings as an investment in your business is reflecting the upward trend in using flexible metal buildings as a part

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Steel Buildings and Winter Construction

Common Construction Practice Likely to Cause Condensation Problems GBP Silvercote receives numerous calls every winter relating to condensation problems. Many of our customers do not realize that most of these are generated during the construction

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What we do


Mini Storage

Austin Building Systems is a leader in the pre-engineered mini storage building business. We specialize in mini storage buildings for a variety of applications.

Steel buildings

Built with high-quality steel and paint systems, each pre-engineered steel storage building is designed to fit your exact specifications. 

Roll up doors

Austin Building Systems is a leading provider of commercial roll up doors for mini storage, commercial and industrial use.