Commercial Roll Up Doors

Quality Metal Structures

Sturdy metal building packages are a cost-effective way to have storage for products or equipment on residential or commercial property. At Austin Building Systems Inc. in Huddleston, Va., we specialize in designing and building top quality metal structures for businesses and private individuals. Our specialty company chooses to use durable steel because of its rust resistant qualities, easy availability and low-cost to consumers. We have a professional team with over 40 years of experience in building structures that can withstand rough weather conditions. Well-made commercial roll up doors are an important feature on every structure we provide to customers. Having a sturdy door makes it easier for you to access items located inside a metal building any day or night.

Offering Lower Prices

Our company can build metal structures in a variety of sizes, colors or styles to suit your personal or business needs. We are prepared to build large structures for retail establishments to use as warehouses for goods. In addition, our company provides small buildings for private property to hold lawn care equipment. We also help to design and build structures meant for public use such as gymnasiums for schools. The best thing about Austin Building Systems Inc. is that we offer lower prices to our customers because we keep supplies ready for when they are needed. We are able to have reduced prices because we buy materials from manufacturers in large quantities at discount prices. Our buyers do this to save customers money on miniature storage units and commercial steel buildings.

We Answer Questions

Many of our customers have never built a metal building before and have no understanding of the process. By contacting our representatives, you can learn about various options such as particular brands, insulation and commercial roll up doors. Our goal is to help customers design a building that works for their unique purposes such as holding livestock, aircraft or machinery. Building a steel structure is a time-consuming process that requires pre-planning to ensure it meets local safety codes while being appropriate for a customer’s needs.

Branding Your Business

Our number one goal is to provide quality parts necessary for customers to order a complete metal building package. This makes it easier for you to design and build a metal structure while saving money. Our website provides instructions to navigate through the ordering process. Having brightly colored metal structures can help your brand stand amongst the crowd. Instead of having boring gray metal openings for a building, you can order gorgeous colors such as fern green, rustic red or saddle tan.