Wall Insulation

As energy saving requirements have escalated over the years, Austin Building Systems, Inc. have more and more customers asking for R-19 (6-inch) insulation for walls of steel / metal buildings.

Installing Wall Insulation   Cutting Away Some Insulation


This can be complicated as it can be difficult to compress the 6″ of insulation between the wall panels and girts. The installation can be time consuming, and even leave visible dimples on the outside panels as the screws are tightened.

Customer Testimonial

“Any future expansion we will definitely choose Austin Building System as the way to go. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
D. Davis

Many contractors have found a good solution with removing about 1 1/2″ of fiberglass insulation at the girt line prior to sheeting. It is reported that it adds only a small amount of time, and alleviates the complication.

Download the Solarguard Insulation Brochure in PDF

Photos provided courtesy of GBP SILVERCOTE.

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