Aircraft Hangars and Buildings

One of the largest investments a company or an individual can make is buying an aircraft. From the smallest single engine private plane to the largest intercontinental jumbo, these expensive assets need to housed in an aircraft / airplane hangar either for storage or repairs. As airplane ownerships has become more commonplace, the demand for suitable steel / metal buildings to meet the demand to store an aircraft has risen in proportion.

Aircraft Hangar with Sliding Doors

Metal buildings for airplane hangars are great way to quickly and inexpensively build long lasting structures. Specifications for airplane hangars need to include the type of door that will be used in the building, and all of its weights and designs need to be considered when designing the structure. Typically the building supplier will only supply the sheeting and trim for the frame and not the door mechanisms and framing. Airplane hangars can also be totally open to clear the wing spans on the end wall and not have a door, to keep down costs. Aircraft hangars can also have added roof and wall insulation for heating deflection. Skylights or wall lights can be added for natural lighting. Walk doors can be added for quick access into the interior.

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Although there are many companies competing for contracts in constructing steel aircraft hangars it takes real experts to complete a project as complex as building aircraft hangars or aviation workshops. This the reason why aircraft companies choose the leading pioneer in steel airplaine hangars: Austin Building Systems Inc. to successfully handle their pre-engineered metal building packages.

Customer Testimonial

“At Austin Building Systems we got quality, service, and a fair price.

We did price others and we always came back to Austin.”

Gordon H./L. Hasbargen

Austin Building Systems Inc. is a privately owned and operated company, that has specialized in steel /metal buildings for two decades. During the time that they have been operating, they have gained a highly positive reputation through their ability to take care of the process of building, starting from simple design and up to the planning and assisting during the construction phase.
Austin Building Systems Inc will work with them in close cooperation throughout every stage of the design and production process, and remain in contact with them long after their steel /metal aircraft hangar project has been completed.

Amongst the principal advantages of building in steel is its modularity, allowing for total flexibility of design. As a business expands, steel airplane hangars can be expanded to meet demand, with the minimum of upheaval and proportionate costs.

Be it a few thousand square feet, to a few hundred thousand, Austin Building Systems Inc help companies to visualize their design concepts as well as their planning needs, allowing for tailor made building packages within the most exacting of time frames and tightest of budgets.

Hangar - open door

Not only are our steel /metal airplane hangars highly functional, they also provide a really pleasant working environment. Specialists in steel building insulation, Austin Building Systems Inc simply design and deliver buildings that are especially resistant to extremes of weather, making them much less expensive to heat or cool. Not only that but insurance premiums for steel / metal airplaine hangars by Austin Building Systems Inc are considerably reduced due to their tremendous fire resistant properties.

Come fly with Austin Building Systems Inc when the time comes to set up your next steel / metal aircraft hangar project.

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