Farm Equipment Buildings

Modern farming has become machinery and equipment intensive. And when it comes to housing their equipment, today’s farmers know only too well that it is a false economy to house their equipment in anything but the sturdiest and most reliable steel / metal buildings.

Steel Building - Farm Equipment Building

That is why a 21st century farm manager will only consider buildings constructed in steel / metal when it comes to storing their highly expensive and often temperamental light and heavy farming equipment.
From tractors to combined harvesters and even the massive lateral move irrigation machines used throughout Texas and the mid west, farmers in the know are opting for steel / metal buildings to house their farm equipment, and for Austin Building Systems to supply them.

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Customer Testimonial

“Not only have we had impeccable and first class service from the first day we began the ordering process, but we have also been very pleased with the engineering strength of our Austin Buildings “

L. Sparks

They need little convincing that the many advantages of steel / metal buildings, including their ease of construction and maintenance, their adaptability as well as their relative low cost has made Austin Building Systems steel / metal building their number one choice to house their farm equipment and tools. Austin Building Systems Inc has been working hand in glove with farming companies all over the United States in designing and supplying a wide variety of steel / metal farm buildings to store the widest range of farm equipment.

Austin Building Systems Inc wide client base know that they can house their equipment in a steel building with confidence. The standards that the company sets are well known within the building industry, especially their specific expertise in steel building insulation. Proper insulation is a must in storing farm equipment and Austin Building Systems Inc provide the highest of standards from the floor to the roof. These standards include preset levels of heat and humidity to ensure the ideal indoor environment, no matter the prevailing weather conditions.

Open Farm BuildingMetal buildings can be used for hay or equipment storage and can be open or partially enclosed. When a farm storage or hay storage building is needed with dirt floor, only pier system is required to anchor the main frames on the buildings. Insurance on all metal buildings costs less than pole barn type structures.

Partially Open Farm BuildingFarm equipment or storage buildings can be partially enclosed for office area and partially open for equipment storage. It can be partially or completely insulated with roof and wall insulation. Rollup doors and windows can be added, as well as walkdoors.

Take some time to consider the many possibilities that rigid steel / metal buildings can bring to your farming enterprise. Bear in mind that Austin Building Systems Inc can help you to adapt and extend any existing buildings in your complex for equipment storage, as well as simple design and supply custom buildings for any farming need and not just for equipment storage.

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