When building a steel / metal gymnasium several factors need to be taken into account. These factors are equally important for the successful completion of the project. If even one of them is ignored the results will be less than satisfactory both for the people who go to the gym to work out and play, or to be spectators.

Steel Gymnasium

To get the most out of the steel / metal gymnasium, it needs to be constructed in a size to meet the local demands. It should be able to house a large audience in safety and comfort, providing an uninterrupted playing area and a clear view of what is happening on the playing surface. Since steel / metal buildings became more readily available, this dream has become a reality for the hundreds and thousands of organizations throughout the country whose role it is to specify the design specifications of gymnasium buildings. It is a credit to their foresight that most of the buildings being constructed to house gymnasiums for the last twenty years are from steel / metal.

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Customer Testimonial

“Any future expansion we will definitely choose Austin Building System as the way to go. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
D. Davis

One of the principal attractions, and the first to meet the eye, is that steel built gymnasiums are brighter and more colorful. This makes them a pleasant place to be both for gymnasts and sports people who come there to train and play, and those who come to watch the various games and activities that are going on all year round in their local gymnasium.

Austin Building Systems Inc., a privately owned and operated company
are counted amongst the leading in steel / metal gymnasium construction. They have been among the “movers and shakers” in the industry for the last two decades.

During this time, Austin Building Systems Inc. have earned a considerable reputation for their reliability, flexible thinking and their attention to the finest details, gained through working in close cooperation with their clients up to the project’s successful completion.

Long term specialists in steel / metal building insulation, Austin Building Systems Inc.’s steel buildings are especially resistant to extremes of weather, making them much less expensive to heat up or keep cool.

With Austin Building Systems Inc. these are design goals that are readily achievable.

Another important point that should never be forgotten when it comes to specifying which type of building a public facility is to be housed is security and public safety. Sufficient to say that insurance premiums for steel built gymnasium can cost 40% less than wooden or block built buildings.

If you are in the process of planning an indoor gymnasium, you should think only steel and Austin Building Systems Inc.

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