Horse Barns and Stalls

For horse owners and breeders, the steel / metal horse barn / stable is a major priority.

horse barns and stalls

For this reason when it comes to deciding which design and layout of the horse barns and stalls they intend to build, those in the know turn to the leading professionals in steel / metal building construction, Austin Building Systems Inc. Austin Building Systems Inc will provide the answers, drawn from two decades of hands on experience in the design and implementation of horse barns and stalls, modularly designed to house any number of horses.

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Austin Building Systems Inc have become one of the first choices in the field of steel / metal building construction, and that this owner operated company will be at their side all the way, advising horse stable owners and managers the best and most functional buildings to use to match their budget and realize their concepts.

Customer Testimonial

“At Austin Building Systems we got quality, service, and a fair price.

We did price others and we always came back to Austin.”

Gordon H./L. Hasbargen

The many advantages of steel / metal buildings construction, such as ease of maintenance, adaptability and relative low cost, has been the principal reason why all steel / metal building have become the default choice for all aspects of commercial, agricultural or industrial building projects. For 2 decades, Austin Building Systems Inc has been at the forefront or this revolution in the metal building industry.

Austin Building Systems Inc customized building projects cover every facet of farm building, from storage to workshops, with the company having supplied metal buildings for many specialized projects for stabling and the treatment of horses.

The advantages of steel / metal buildings are well know and chronicled due to their ease and rapidity of construction. Steel buildings are inexpensive yet extremely robust, renowned for their easy maintenance, durability and resistance to extreme weather.

Horse owners and breeders often have to house thoroughbreds with a value of hundreds of thousands of dollars per head, and they need to assure their insurance company that their stable is being used in the safest of surroundings. Steel / metal buildings from Austin Building Systems Inc are simply designed and delivered to meet the most stringent of standards, so that the horses, their owners and trainers as well as their insurance brokers can sleep soundly at night in the knowledge that if disaster strikes they are in a solidly built fire resistant building from Austin Building Systems Inc.

If you are considering building a horse barn or stalls you should consider consulting Austin Building Systems Inc and take advantage of their many years of specialized building experience.

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