Horse Buildings

For horse owners, breeders and lovers, one of the largest and certainly the most important decisions that they will be required to make is which type of building they will construct to house the horses in their care. Steel / metal buildings are the most cost effective and maintenance free solution available.

Steel Horse Buildings

Taking care of horses, either for professionals or amateurs, is a job that requires much care and attention, sprinkled with loads of love and devotion. This is the reason why people whose role in life is to take care of horses and their environment rarely think twice before consulting with Austin Building Systems Inc before deciding the best type of steel / metal building for their horse buildings.

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Customer Testimonial

“Not only have we had impeccable and first class service from the first day we began the ordering process, but we have also been very pleased with the engineering strength of our Austin Buildings “

L. Sparks

Many discerning horse owners, breeders and trainers have been working with Austin Building Systems Inc for many years, using their expert services to simply design and supply their new steel / metal horse buildings.

They have discovered that Austin Building Systems Inc is the number one choice in the field of steel building structures, and that this privately owned and operated company will be at their side all the way. Austin Building Systems Inc has become the first choice of many when it comes to the simple design and timely delivery of the best and most functional horse buildings that will match any budget and suit any application.

The many advantages of steel / metal building construction, such as ease of maintenance, adaptability and relative low cost, has been the principal reason why steel / metal buildings have become the default choice for all aspects of commercial, agricultural or industrial building projects, and for 2 decades, Austin Building Systems Inc has been at the forefront or this revolution in the steel / metal building industry.

Austin Building Systems Inc customized building projects cover every facet of farm building, from storage to workshops, with the company having completed many specialized projects like horse barns and horse stalls..

Horse owners, breeders and trainers can rest easy knowing that their horse building will be housed in a protected environment. Austin Building Systems Inc boasts a specific expertise in the very important aspects of steel building insulation. This means that their prized horses will not be exposed to extremes of heat, cold or humidity, and instead will enjoy a stable climate all year round.

Housing and caring for horses is a serious responsibility and one that Austin Building Systems Inc is well aware of. If you are planning to build horse stables or buildings, you should give us a call or drop us a line anytime. We will be happy to have an informal discussion with you on your horse building requirements.

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