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The trend in building for office space is changing and has been doing so for several years. Office buildings situated in the centers of towns and cities has proved to be increasingly costly and unprofitable. Steel / metal office buildings are the hot new trend.

Steel Office Building

More and more companies, either large or small, are relocating to purpose built steel / metal office buildings in the outskirts of population centers. This new development has provided considerable benefits and cost savings, especially for companies whose manufacturing or distribution centers are based in the same area. Traveling time and especially costs have been cut for employee and employer alike. The ability to more closely combine operations has meant increased efficiency as well as considerable cost savings for many companies who have invested in building their own office buildings.

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Customer Testimonial

“At Austin Building Systems we got quality, service, and a fair price.

We did price others and we always came back to Austin.”

Gordon H./L. Hasbargen

One of the foremost companies leading the way in the simple design and delivery of steel / metal office buildings is Austin Building Systems Inc.
A privately owned and operated metal building company, Austin Building Systems Inc has been specializing in steel / metal building from the simple design stage up to planning and assistance throughout construction for 2 decades. In that time they have become the first port of call for companies looking for a supplier for their steel / metal office building project.

Steel / metal office buildings lend themselves especially well to an office environment, due to their tremendous design flexibility. Building a steel / metal office building through an experienced company like Austin Building Systems Inc allows the utilization of every square foot of office space at its maximum efficiency.

Austin Building Systems Inc will custom design and supply your steel / metal office buildings to an exact set of specifications.

A particularly strong area of expertise that Austin Building Systems Inc has developed over their 2 decades in the industry is steel building insulation. Insulation is one of the most important factors in creating an office building where energy costs can be kept under control. A steel / metal office building simply designed and delivered by Austin Building Systems Inc will be especially resistant to extremes of hot and cold, maintaining a constant temperature with minimum humidity in even the most challenging of climatic conditions. An equally important factor is safety. It is a well known fact that buildings made in steel / metal are the least susceptible to fires, and this fact is reflected in their considerably reduced insurance premiums

So if your company is considering moving to a steel / metal building to house some or all of your office space, don’t hesitate. Contact the nationwide experts on steel / metal buildings, Austin Building Systems Inc.

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