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There can be no disputing the fact that a community is only as good as the public facilities that it provides for its residents. Up until the mid nineteen eighties, most public buildings were remnants from times gone by, constructed from stone or timber, difficult to heat or cool, with high maintenance costs, and expensive to run. Since then, however, steel / metal has become dominant, and now it is the norm to have steel / metal public facilities.

Steel Building - Public facility

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“Your special attention to detail was a RARE TREAT. After the sale, while we were in the construction stage, we still had the same response from you to any of our needs or questions.”

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Steel / metal Public facility buildings today are brighter and more appealing, and a pleasant place to visit or to work in. Public facilities such as libraries, youth centers, schools, banks as well as places of worship covering every denomination are now dotting the countryside as well as the main streets of towns and cities across the United States. Another construction sector that has taken full advantage of the cost savings and flexibility of design and purpose that steel / metal building offers is local government offices and services. These can include fire, police and rescue squad stations.

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One of the leading pioneers in the construction of steel buildings for public over the last 2 decades is Austin Building Systems Inc.

A privately owned and operated building company Austin Building Systems Inc. has become one of the country’s leading steel / metal building specialist companies, dealing with simple design to timely delivery.

Austin Building Systems Inc helps public service companies to visualize their design concepts as well as their planning needs. This is a winning combination that makes for a tailor made package easily constructed within the most exacting of time frames.

Long term specialists in steel building insulation, Austin Building Systems Inc.’s steel / metal buildings are especially resistant to extremes of weather, making them much less expensive to heat up or keep cool. Public facilities need to be pleasant places to visit with a stable temperature is a must, and with an Austin Building Systems Inc building these are design goals that are readily is achievable.

Another important point that should never be forgotten when it comes to specifying which type of building a public facility is to be housed is security and public safety. Steel / metal buildings are characterized by their tremendous safety properties, especially in the resistance of fire spread.

Among the other benefits in building public facilities in steel is their aesthetic appearance. Austin Building Systems Inc design and produce steel buildings in a variety of attractive colors and textures to create a pleasant and welcoming environment both for visitors and staff, full of light and color.

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