Recreation Centers

As America becomes more sports and health conscious, the number of buildings being constructed specifically for this purpose has increased. And as this number rises, so does the percentage of steel / metal recreation centers being constructed.

Steel Recreation Center

Among the leading pioneers in the simple design of steel / metal recreation centers is Austin Building Systems Inc., who has been at the forefront of the industry for the last 2 decades. A privately owned and operated company, Austin Building Systems Inc. has earned a considerable reputation in steel buildings through working in close cooperation with their clients. They take care of the simple design of the metal building up to its successful and timely delivery, to assistance with the owner construction of the project.

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Customer Testimonial

“Any future expansion we will definitely choose Austin Building System as the way to go. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
D. Davis

There are many reasons why steel / metal is the number one material being used in the construction of recreation centers.

First and foremost steel recreation centers constructed are brighter and more appealing. They are a pleasant place to congregate, both for participants and spectators. These include basketball courts, ice rinks, indoor swimming pools, handball courts, and indoor gymnastics among many others.

Second, a recreation center purpose designed and constructed building in steel / metal will allow the ideal venue, with large expanses of playing floor space, uninterrupted by beams, as well as high ceilings. Anyone who has ever played or viewed any form of indoor competition that has taken place indoors, will never forget the special atmosphere that this type of setting creates.

Third, recreation centers need to be both constructed and operated with the public’s comfort and safety in mind. Long term specialists in steel building insulation, Austin Building Systems Inc. steel buildings are especially resistant to extremes of weather, making them much less expensive to heat or keep cool.

Fourth, it should never be forgotten when it comes to public recreation centers is the security and safety of the visitors. Steel buildings have long been recognized as the most secure form of protection, where large numbers of spectators can congregate. Austin Building Systems steel recreation centers are often designed for 300 plus occupants. It is common knowledge that insurance premiums for a steel built building can cost around 40% less than wooden or block built buildings due to the fire resistance of steel.
Austin Building Systems Inc can simply design and deliver steel buildings in a wide range of attractive colors.

If you are in the process of planning a recreation center, please contact us today for a free non obligatory discussion.

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