Riding Arenas

There is no better setting for holding indoor riding displays than in a steel / metal riding arena. The combination of sturdy steel, ideal insulation and perfect acoustics make for an atmosphere that cannot be beaten.

Steel Riding Arena

This is the reason that many horse stable owners and operators opt only for steel / metal buildings when the time comes to construct or renovate a building to suit that purpose. And why so many choose Austin Building Systems Inc to handle the project on their behalf. Austin Building Systems Inc have been specializing in the simple design and timely delivery of steel / metal buildings for commerce, industry and agriculture for almost two decades, and the knowledge of experience of this privately owned company has made them the first choice as a steel building supplier.

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Customer Testimonial

“Not only have we had impeccable and first class service from the first day we began the ordering process, but we have also been very pleased with the engineering strength of our Austin Buildings “

L. Sparks

The advantages of steel / metal buildings are well know and chronicled, and it is enough to say that they have been the number one choice in commercial building projects for more than sixty years. Their ease and rapidity of construction, from materials that are both inexpensive yet extremely robust, ease of maintenance, flexibility of design, durability and resistant to extremes of weather are just some of the features that make steel buildings the obvious choice when specifying a building to be used as a riding arena.

And not only that! Insurance companies love steel buildings and in an application where people will be gathered together under one roof this is a very important consideration indeed. Steel / metal buildings from Austin Building Systems Inc require the minimum of maintenance and can be finished in a variety of attractive colors and textures to match your company’s advertising livery.

If you are considering setting up an indoor riding area, Austin Building Systems Inc bring with them 2 decades of experience. Experience that will help you in simple designing an arena that will fit your purpose exactly as well as suiting your budget. Our high clearance buildings create a secure atmosphere your audience will be at their complete ease protected from any prevailing weather conditions outside the building.

Horse owners, breeders and trainers have been working with Austin Building Systems Inc since they were established. These people know their business and are aware that Austin Building Systems Inc is the number one choice in the field of steel / metal building suppliers.

Austin Building Systems Inc work with their clients to custom design horse barns and covered riding arenas to accommodate any equestrian purpose.

Taking care of horses, their riders as well as the people who travel from afar and pay money to witness them being put through their paces is a serious responsibility. That is why you should consult with Austin Building Systems Inc first and last when considering establishing a riding area for your horse stables. Find out why!

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