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One of the fastest growing businesses in the United States today is self storage / mini storage warehousing. Its appeal is garnered by the fact that the public as well as small businesses, either involved in manufacturing or distribution can rent relatively inexpensive storage on a temporary or permanent basis.

Steel Buildings - Self Storage

Such is the demand for self storage units that the companies involved in this rapidly burgeoning industry and generating construction, starts on a monthly if not weekly basis. In its early days, the self storage warehousing industry was less than discerning in the types of business that they used to store their clients’ goods or personal effects. However largely due to an increased understanding of the basic storage standards required both by the companies as well as by their clients, warehousing companies who take the business seriously, and see a long term future in it, are specifying steel / metal buildings only for their building projects. The self-storage business has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Customer Testimonial

“Any future expansion we will definitely choose Austin Building System as the way to go. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”
D. Davis

The general concept of warehousing was to store goods in facilities that were less than ideal for the task, where the principal thinking was to reduce overhead as much as possible. This policy was found to be a false economy as damages and wastage began to far outweigh any savings of being made in through paying low rental costs that most of the wooden or stone built warehousing facilities available.

The customers wanted steel; it wasn’t long before steel warehouse buildings became the default choice for companies who wanted to take their share of the self storage market.

Among the leading pioneers in the construction of steel self storage warehousing facilities is Austin Building Systems Inc. A privately owned and operated building company, Austin Building Systems Inc., have been simply designing and delivering steel self storage / mini storage steel buildings for the last two decades. The company has gained a well earned reputation for taking care of every stage of the building process from design up to planning and timely delivery of materials.

A warehouse constructed in steel / metal lends itself especially to the task due to a combination of design flexibility and comparatively low cost, both in terms of material and building costs. Any self storage warehouse owner or operator can be assured the steel building will be designed to meet their specifications exactly; A self storage warehouse that will be ready to swing into operation with timely delivery, generating turnover and low running costs, allowing a steady return on their investment.

Austin Building Systems Inc. is a specialist in steel building insulation and produce buildings especially resistant to extremes of weather, making them much less expensive to maintain a regular temperature. This is a must for commercial storage. Another important point is that insurance premiums for steel warehouses are considerably reduced due to their tremendous safety properties, especially in the resistance of fire spread.

For your self storage warehousing project you need look no further than Austin Building Systems Inc.

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