For too long the concept of warehousing was to store goods in facilities that were not ideal for the task, with the principal factor in thinking was to reduce costs as much as possible. Over the years, this policy has proven to be a false economy as damages and wastage to finished goods as well as time wasted due to the inefficient handling facilities that these buildings afforded were far outweighing any savings that were being made through paying low rental costs of existing warehouse buildings.

Steel Warehouse Building

As companies who were either warehousing their own products or whose business was providing warehousing facilities either for the commercial or domestic market gradually became aware of the advantages of warehousing goods in the steel / metal buildings designed and constructed specifically for that purpose, it wasn’t too long before steel warehouse buildings became the default choice. Such has been the pace of their development, the hard fact is that in 2009 it is expected that almost all of the warehouses constructed will be exclusively from metal.

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Customer Testimonial

“Not only have we had impeccable and first class service from the first day we began the ordering process, but we have also been very pleased with the engineering strength of our Austin Buildings “

L. Sparks

One of the leading pioneers in the construction of steel / metal warehousing facilities is Austin Building Systems Inc., a privately owned and operated company for more than 2 decades. Over the years Austin Building Systems Inc. has been involved in the simple design and timely delivery of countless successful steel warehouse building and self storage projects situated across the United States.

A warehouse constructed in steel / metal lends itself especially to the task due to a combination of design flexibility and comparatively low cost, both in terms of material and building costs. Any warehousing or bond owner or operator will be capable of building a unit to exactly meet their specifications. In addition they will generate considerable savings in running costs that will allow them a steady return on their investment.

For many warehousing companies, one of the principal attractions of building in steel / metal is that units can be expanded with the minimum of upheaval as demand for storage space increases.
Austin Building Systems Inc help companies to visualize their simple design concepts as well as their planning needs, allowing for a tailor made package with assistance in owner construction. The steel warehouse project is delivered within the most exacting of time frames, be it 50 thousand square feet or a few hundred thousand.

Specialists in steel building insulation, Austin Building Systems Inc simply design and supply buildings that are especially resistant to extremes of weather, making them much less expensive to heat or keep cool. For warehousing, a stable temperature is a must, and with our buildings this is readily achievable. Another important point is that insurance premiums for steel warehouses are considerably reduced due to their tremendous safety properties, especially in the resistance of fire spread.

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For your next warehousing project, place yourself in the safe hands of steel and Austin Building Systems Inc.

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