Get the right roof pitch on Mini Storage

Typical  or  standard roof pitch on a  mini storage building  is ½:12  or a rise of ½” per foot from the eve ( gutter) to the center of the building.   ½:12 pitch is most cost effective and the mini storage building supplier will engineer the building to handle heavy snow loads even with the slight pitch.   The engineer will compensate for heavy snow loads by either making 6” purlins instead of 4” roof purlins or make the purlins closer on center than standard  5’   The mini storage building supplier should also include ZAC lifetime fasteners and wide 1” seal tape between the panels for ½:12 roof pitch.

The need for higher pitches 1:12 to 2:12 is generally for aesthetics  or to match existing mini storage buildings at the site and raises the cost of the  building per square foot.

Either way the mini storage building should be ordered to the customer’s request and engineered properly for each site.