DBCI Mini Storage Roll Up Doors

When It Comes To Mini Storage Roll Up Doors,
There Are A Few Things You Should Know:


The two most important elements of the curtain, are what it’s made of and what it’s painted with. DBCi uses hard, grade E steel, ensuring strength and durability. A siliconized polyester finish replaces older polyester paint finishes, which are recognizable by severe chalking and fading caused by UV rays. This innovative finish is so resistant to UV light rays, we warranty the paint as long as 20 years.

Bottom Bar:

The bottom bar is used to open and close the door. This functional bar should have a clean, attractive finish that enhances the door’s “curb appeal”. DBCi’s bottom bars are constructed of 6063-T6 aluminum which looks good and wears well. Our vinyl weather seal is replaceable; therefore, damage, wear and weather do not mean replacing the entire door.

Tension Set Brackets:

Tension set brackets control how easily the door opens when unlocked. Older doors, which lack tension adjusters, require a door technician to readjust the spring tension. Fortunately, DBCi’s innovations in tension-set brackets make adjusting roll-up doors easier, safer and faster. Facility maintenance personnel can adjust the doors themselves in as little as five minutes.


The latch keeps the door closed and the storage unit’s contents safe—the right latch, that is. DBCi’s stainless steel latches and bolts maintain their integrity. Our latches are constructed with limited pry points, double padlock compatibility and the ability to operate with magnetic alarm systems.


Springs are the mechanical part of the door. Like all things mechanical, they eventually need adjusting or replacing. There is no such thing as a maintenance-free door. The best doors, however, are maintenance-simple: visible for inspection, accessible for upkeep and manufactured by DBCi.

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