Three Critical Design Elements your RV and Boat Mini Storage Building must have

There are certain characteristics of RV and boat mini storage building design that are different from standard mini storage buildings. One must pay attention to these design elements, or face customer dissatisfaction and low building utilization.

Here are three RV and boat mini storage building design elements key to a successful mini storage business.

1) Mini Storage Building Property Layout

Mini storage buildings holding RV’s and boats need to be located away from higher traffic mini storage buildings. These are generally items that do not get moved often. It is best to keep this traffic away from the higher volume mini storage traffic. These buildings require 40’ to 50’ turning radius to enter/exit the mini storage building.

2) Mini Storage Building Height

This type of building needs to be no higher than 16’ at any point. You will need that height to accommodate clearances of the RV or boat contents. If you exceed the eve height of 16’ at any point in the RV or boat mini storage building it will require a commercial type framing. The commercial mini storage building type framing is much more expensive than standard mini storage type framing.

3) Commercial Roll Up Door Size

RV or boat mini storage buildings typically requires a commercial roll up door with 2 hole slide bolt latches on the outside. Typically the door size is 2’ less than the width of the unit size and 23” below the eve height of the unit for headroom clearances. This means a 16’ tall eve height building could accommodate up to a 14’ commercial roll up door.

Typical Unit Size Within An RV Or Boat Mini Storage Building


  • A 60’x140’ x16’ single slope mini storage building would have qty 10 – 14’x60’ units side by side with 12’x14’ doors on the high side with a distance of 2’ between adjacent units.
  • A 60’x120’x 16’ single slope mini storage building would have qty 10 – 12’x60’ units and 11’x14’ doors on the high side with 2’ distance between adjacent units.
  • A 40’x120’x16’ single slope mini storage building would have qty 10- 20’x40’ units with 11’x14’ doors with 2’ distance between adjacent doors.

If one is to have a successful mini storage business, attention must be paid to the design characteristics of their RV and boat building design and layout. The elements to consider are the mini storage building property layout, the mini storage building height and the commercial roll up door size.

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