Types of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings fall into three categories with their own advantages, disadvantages, and pricing. Understanding the different types of buildings is the best way to be sure the right type is purchased for the building’s use.

Quonset Hut Style

Introduced in Rhode Island at the Quonset Military Base, this arch-shaped hut style metal building gets its name from the base where they were first used. They have no trusses, support beams or interior posts, and resemble an aluminum can that has been cut in half lengthwise, although newer styles more resemble a loaf of bread as they have flat walls and an arched roof. Older styles have rounded walls as well as a rounded roof. When it comes to metal building pricing, Quonset huts are often the least expensive. They are very durable and are often used to store crops.

Steel I-Beam Construction

Steel I-beam construction is a common type of steel building, and the name derives from the I-beam construction, which looks like a capital letter “I.” Because most construction companies are familiar with this type of steel building, the metal building pricing for these is only slightly more than Quonset hut types, but they provide more advantages. They offer the ability to create buildings of a larger scale, such as for airplane hangars. Because of the type of construction, heavier snow and ice loads can be handled by the structure and they are more attractive than Quonset huts.

Hybrid Steel/Wood Combinations

Often, this type of building uses metal trusses similar to the I-beam version, but with wood sections attached by screws. Many people know this type of metal building as a pole barn, a misnomer because pole barns are not really metal buildings, but post and beam structures. Hybrid steel/wood combinations offer more options for interior finishing and have a wider variety of exterior finishes than other types of metal buildings. The biggest disadvantage in this type of construction is cost, as they are much more expensive than the other versions. In addition, some models do not come with end walls.

Understanding the different types of metal buildings can help decide which type is the right one to choose. It is also important to understand area zoning laws as well to be sure the type chosen is permitted. Austin Building Systems offer steel buildings, mini storage buildings, roll up doors and other materials that can help your outdoor building serve your needs. For more information regarding metal buildings and metal building prices, visit Austin Building Systems online or call them today.